Adoption Programs and Services for California Families

For more than 35 years, FCCA has helped find loving homes for children from the United States and around the world. Whether you are interested in adopting domestically or internationally, privately or through the state foster system, FCCA can provide the adoption assistance you need to build your family.

We offer adoption services for all types of families throughout California. Find an overview of our California adoption programs and services below.

California Waiting Child Program (Fos-Adopt)

Currently, there are nearly 50,000 children in need of permanent homes in California. Through our fos-adopt program, we partner with counties throughout the state to match these children to adoptive families.

From your first phone call through finalization, FCCA provides all of the California adoption services you need to complete this program, including:

Unlike traditional foster care programs, the California Waiting Child Program focuses on low legal-risk placements, by placing children who are on track to be freed for adoption and are thus very unlikely to be reunited with their birth families.

International Adoption Programs

As a Hague-Accredited agency, FCCA can provide the following international adoption services to families adopting from nearly any country:

In addition, FCCA has a direct placement program for special needs children in Hong Kong. Families interested in adopting from Hong Kong may work directly with FCCA throughout the entire adoption process, including all of the services listed above, plus child referrals, assistance with travel arrangements, and more.

Domestic Adoption Program

Domestic infant adoption, also known as private agency or relinquishment adoption, involves the voluntary placement of infants by their birth parents. FCCA provides California home study and post-adoption services for families interested in domestic infant adoption.

Our agency also works with a number of expectant mothers each year who contact us to make adoption plans for their babies. Families who want to be considered for these infant adoption opportunities may submit an adoption profile after their home study has been approved. FCCA will keep this profile on file and notify the family of any potential matches. Subject to certain restrictions, families interested in domestic infant adoption may also be enrolled simultaneously in our fos-adopt or international adoption programs.   

Independent Adoption Program

Independent adoption is another type of domestic infant adoption in which the birth parents personally select and transfer custody to the adoptive parents without agency involvement. While an agency’s matching services are not used in independent adoption, California law requires the adoptive family to hire an Adoption Service Provider (ASP) to provide the following services:

As a licensed agency, FCCA can provide ASP service, ICPC services, and other adoption-related services. If the adoptive family hires another person or agency to provide ASP services, FCCA can provide the necessary home study services and finalization assistance for families pursuing independent adoption in California.

Can FCCA Help Us Adopt?

If you want to know whether FCCA can provide the adoption help you need, please contact us for a free and confidential initial consultation. Meanwhile, browse through our website to learn more about our programs and find general information about adoption in California.

Please note: the purpose of this section is to describe the programs FCCA offers, and to give some general information on other adoption topics. This is general information only and is based on California law at the time it was written. The laws and regulations for different states may be quite different from what is represented here. Even the laws in California change frequently, so do not rely on anything in this section as legal advice for your specific situation. Legal advice for specific cases should be obtained from an attorney with specific experience in adoption, such as the attorneys who belong to the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers and the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.

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