Hong Kong Program

FCCA works in partnership with Mother's Choice (www.mchoice.org) to facilitate the adoption of special needs children from Hong Kong. The children range in age from 2-8 years old, and many have Down syndrome. All of the children available for adoption through this program have significant special needs.  

After a child has been formally referred to you, you can receive placement approximately 10-12 months later. You may travel to Hong Kong to pick up the child from the orphanage, or we can arrange for an escort to travel for you. 


* Parent Age Limits: flexible

* Marriage Requirements: Minimum 2 years

* Divorces Allowed: Yes

* Family Size Limit: Flexible, with preference for smaller families


FCCA home study  $2,200

FCCA post-placement services $1,200

Program fee with FCCA home study $4,000

Program fee with a non-FCCA home study $6,000

Hong Kong fees - None

U.S.C.I.S. fees: $1,200 approx.

Miscellaneous expenses: $800 approx.

Travel: variable; includes child's travel expenses and your own travel costs, or the cost for an FCCA escort from Hong Kong to San Francisco, California.


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