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Suzanne Yarberry is the Branch Manager of FCCA’s Carlsbad office. Suzanne was a child welfare social worker for over twelve years.  She joined FCCA in 2015 as a contract social worker and then was promoted to social work supervisor and then branch manager in 2016.  Suzanne’s career has been dedicated to serving children and families.  She loves this chapter in her life and finds great rewards in guiding prospective adoptive parents along the path of the greatest journey….parenthood.

When not at work, Suzanne enjoys an active life with her three children and husband. She is a baseball, basketball, soccer and gymnastics/tumbling mom whose “happy” place is most definitely the beach. 

To email Suzanne for more information, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Carlsbad Branch - 2018 Adoption Classes

Information Session

Evenings at 6pm

Free; no registration required

Adoption Preparation
(Class 1 & Panel)

Second Thursdays    5-9pm

Pre-registration required **Not at office

Adoption Preparation
(Class 2 & 3)

Saturdays from 9:00am-4pm

Pre-registration required **Not at office

Adoption Preparation
(Class 4)

Pre-registration required


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January 4th January 11th    
February 1st   February 10th & 24th  
March 1st March 8th    
April 5th   April 21st & 28th April 26th
May 3rd May 17th   May 22nd
June 7th     June 19th
July 5th July 12th   July 17th
August 2nd   August 11th & 25th August 21st
September 6th September 13th   September 25th
October 4th     October 23rd
November 1st November 8th November 3rd & 17th November 27th
December 6th      


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