How You Can Complete an Adoption in Fresno

When you’re considering an adoption in Fresno, make FCCA the first adoption professional that you contact.

Adoption in California can be a complicated process, so you’ll need an experienced adoption professional by your side to help you through. With approximately 35 years of experience and a local Fresno adoption office, FCCA offers education and guidance through every step of your Fresno adoption process, whether that involves working solely through one of our adoption programs, or collaborating with another adoption professional to complete the process.

To learn more about our Fresno adoption agency, you can contact our local Fresno adoption office at 559-325-9388 or visit our location at:

7257 N. Maple, #101, Fresno, CA 93720

FCCA holds information sessions and pre-adoption training classes every month; you can view the current schedule here.


How FCCA Can Serve as Your Adoption Agency in Fresno

So, why should prospective adoptive parents choose to complete their adoption in Fresno with FCCA?

First of all, you can rest assured that the adoption professionals at FCCA are dedicated to helping you find the right adoption process for you. When you contact us, we will answer whatever questions you may have about our adoption processes to help you determine which program is best for your individual situation.

FCCA’s most frequently accessed service is the home study investigation. California adoption laws require that all prospective adoptive parents must complete an adoption home study before finalizing an adoption. Whether or not you’re completing a Fresno adoption through our agency or with the help of another adoption professional, our home study services are available to you as a prospective adoptive parent.

Using a home study from our agency or from another agency, FCCA offers three primary paths to become parents through our Fresno adoption agency: adoptions from foster care, private infant adoptions, and an international adoption program. The following is a more complete description of those services:


Foster Care Adoption

FCCA is perhaps best known for its “fos-adopt” program, which places children who are in the foster care system for adoption with a permanent family. These adoptions are low-legal-risk, which typically means the children available for adoption are older or in sibling groups, with some degree of special needs. Our agency is licensed in every county of California, so we can complete foster care adoptions in Fresno and across the state. Our professionals will guide you through every step of the process, using the Trust-Based Relational Intervention Program to provide you with the skills needed to help these children blossom and heal.


Infant Adoption Services in Fresno

FCCA can help you adopt a newborn through an independent adoption (sometimes called a “direct placement”) or an agency adoption. Sometimes the wait for an adoption opportunity may take longer than adoptive parents anticipate. If you want to find a prospective birth mother more quickly, you may consider working with an adoption matching service. These professionals have a large advertising outreach to connect you with a prospective birth mother that meets your expectations. The following are some matching services that assist families to complete their Fresno adoption:

 Once you are matched with a prospective birth mother who has placed a child with you, FCCA will help you complete the finalization of your adoption. While not always needed, FCCA can also connect you with an experienced adoption attorney to assist with any complex legal needs that exceed the services we offer.


International Adoptions in Fresno

If you are looking to adopt a special needs child from Hong Kong, or a relative from Nigeria, FCCA can provide direct placement services. To adopt from another country, FCCA will provide your adoption home study and will connect you with a Hague-accredited adoption agency that has a placement program in your desired country. These professionals will educate you about their different international adoption programs, help you find an adoption opportunity and coordinate the travel of your child into the United States. Some state-wide international adoption agencies you might consider could be one of the following:

Once you return to the United States, FCCA can assist you with completing the post-placement supervision, as well as the paperwork and court process to have your adoption legally recognized in the U.S.


Additional Adoption Services in Fresno

FCCA can help you complete the legal paperwork and set the court hearing for several other types of adoption, such as stepparent adoptions, adult adoptions and relative adoptions. If you are looking to complete one of these adoptions in Fresno, we encourage you to contact FCCA for a free, no-obligation review of your case.


Start Your Fresno Adoption Today

Whether you’re ready to commit to your adoption in Fresno or simply want to learn more about your adoption options, call our local office at 559-325-9388. Adoption is a big decision to make! Our professionals will help you choose the family-building path that is right for you and will ensure that you work with the best people and agencies to accomplish your adoption goals.

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