How You Can Complete an Adoption in Sacramento

Are you considering an adoption in Sacramento? Because this a large metropolitan area that is also close to San Francisco, adopting from Sacramento requires some research to find an experienced and competent Sacramento adoption professional to help you achieve your parenthood dreams.

But how do you decide which Sacramento adoption professional is right for you? The first step is determining exactly what you want from your adoption journey — and determining whether a particular professional can offer those services.


How FCCA Can Serve as Your Adoption Agency in Sacramento

If you are thinking about adoption in Sacramento, FCCA is a great place to start. Our agency is licensed in every county of California, and has offices throughout the state. Call our Sacramento adoption office at 916-568-5966 for more information, or visit our office conveniently located at:

111 Howe Avenue, Suite 660, Sacramento, CA 95825

Our adoption professionals are always willing to talk about the services offered through our various adoption programs, which include adoption from foster care, domestic infant adoption, international adoption, and assistance with step-parent adoptions, adult adoptions, relative adoptions and adoptions by legal guardians.

Here is a more detailed description of the adoption programs offered by our adoption agency in Sacramento:

Foster Care Adoption

FCCA is perhaps best known for its “fos-adopt” program, which places children who are in the foster care system for adoption with a permanent family. These adoptions have a low legal risk, which typically means the children available for adoption are older or in sibling groups, with some degree of special needs. FCCA provides the specialized training developed by the Trust-Based Relational Intervention Program to provide you with the skills needed to help these children blossom and heal.

Our agency is licensed in every county of California, so we can complete foster care adoptions of children located in Sacramento and across the state, or even from other states. These adoptions are typically very low cost and almost always completed without the need for any outside professionals.


Infant Adoption Services in Sacramento

If you choose to pursue a private infant adoption in Sacramento, FCCA’s adoption professionals will help you find a placement and complete the legal steps of your private adoption. To find a match more quickly, many of our families choose to work simultaneously with an adoption matching service; this will provide a greater advertising outreach. It is important to carefully research adoption matching programs; some are nothing more than an online web page with no licensing, charging exorbitant, non-refundable fees. A reputable matching service is usually licensed as an adoption agency in at least one state, or is run by an experienced and ethical adoption attorney. Some reputable adoption matching programs in Sacramento include:


International Adoptions in Sacramento

FCCA offers international adoption agency services for placement of special needs children from Hong Kong, and also for relative adoptions from Nigeria. If you’re considering an international adoption from any other country, FCCA can provide your international adoption home study, and can assist with connecting you to a Hague-accredited adoption agency that has placemetn programs in your desired country. Once that agency has placed a child into your care, FCCA will assist you with completing the post-placement and finalization or readoption requirements.

Some local international adoption agencies to consider are:



Additional Adoption Services in Sacramento

FCCA can help you complete the legal paperwork and set a court hearing for several other types of adoption, such as stepparent, adult and relative adoptions, as well as adoptions by legal guardians. If you are looking to complete one of these adoptions in Sacramento, we encourage you to contact FCCA. We can often assist you to complete these types of adoptions at a much lower cost than you might expect. If for any reason outside legal help is needed, we can also provide you with referrals to experienced adoption attorneys.

The most frequently accessed adoption service provided by our Sacramento adoption agency is the home study investigation for prospective adoptive parents looking to adopt in Sacramento and throughout the state. All prospective adoptive parents in California must complete a home study to be approved to adopt. When you work with FCCA, we provide all of the education, guidance, and oversight needed to complete this step. Even if you are working with another agency or attorney, our Sacramento adoption professionals can provide you with home study services. After a child has been placed, FCCA can also provide the post-placement supervision, reports, and court paperwork that is necessary to finalize the adoption in court.


Start Your Sacramento Adoption Today

Before committing to an adoption in Sacramento, it’s important to do as much research as possible — including talking to experienced adoption professionals like those at FCCA. Our professionals are available to answer your questions and tell you more about Sacramento adoption when you contact our local office at 916-568-5966. When you’re ready, we can also help you start your adoption process or refer you to an appropriate adoption professional that will meet your specific goals and preferences.

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