How long do I have to change my mind?

That depends on what type of adoption plan you make.

     For independent adoptions, you have thirty calendar days after signing the consent to change your mind. However, if you signed a Waiver of the Right to Revoke Consent in front of a judge, your consent is immediately irrevocable, and you cannot change your mind. If you signed the Waiver in front of an Adoption Service Provider or a representative of the Department, you can change your mind until the Waiver becomes final at the close of the next business day. 

     For agency adoptions, you have the right to change your mind and revoke the relinquishment until the earlier of:

1. Ten business days have passed since the adoption agency filed your relinquishment documents with        the Department of Social Services; or

2. The Department has issued a written Acknowledgement of the relinquishment documents.

     There are some exceptions in agency adoptions, such as when the placing parent puts a “hold” on the relinquishment for a specific time period, or if the designated adoptive parents are unable or unwilling to finalize the adoption.

     Each case is unique, so these general guidelines are just that – general. When it comes to your own adoption plan, we will discuss each option available to you. You will make the decision about whether agency or independent adoption is right for you and your baby.

     No matter which type of adoption you select, you have the legal right at any time prior to adoption finalization to ask about the status of the case. So if you are wondering whether your consent is final, or whether the adoption is final, please call us. We will gladly answer your questions!