When Is it Too Late to Choose Adoption?

It is never too late to choose adoption for your baby. If you are late in pregnancy, at the hospital, or have even given birth, you can still contact us to make an adoption plan.

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There is no “deadline” to place your baby for adoption. It is never too early or too late to do what you think is best for yourself and your child, and there is no right or wrong time to start considering your options.

Whether you have just learned of your pregnancy or are days away from delivering, or have been parenting for awhile, adoption is always an option for you.

Here, learn more about last-minute and after-delivery adoption with FCCA.

When to Start Considering Adoption

As a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, you are the only person who can decide what is best for you and your baby. Some women know early on that adoption is right for them, while others are uncertain until late in their pregnancy or even after their baby has been born.

It is up to you to decide when to begin exploring your options. Whether that is early or late in your pregnancy, FCCA can help. However, you do not need to be certain of your adoption decision before contacting an adoption social worker; we can help you explore all of your options and decide whether adoption is truly right for you. You will never be pressured to make an adoption plan, and you may discontinue the adoption process at any time during your pregnancy. Click here for more information about adoption paperwork.

When is it Too Late to Find Adoptive Parents for My Baby?

Some expectant mothers are concerned that they have waited too long to find someone to adopt at birth. However, there are always loving, eager and pre-approved couples and individuals waiting to adopt a child, and it will be up to you to choose the perfect family for your baby.

Many of the families in our fos-adopt and international adoption programs are also open to and excited about the possibility of adopting a baby in California. All of these families have been pre-screened and keep an adoption profile on file with us, so you can begin reviewing waiting families as soon as you are ready. We can also help you make a last-minute adoption plan with an adoptive family you’ve identified on your own or through another source, such as an adoption facilitator.

Regardless of the stage of your pregnancy or the age of your child, you will be able to choose the adoptive family based on a number of factors, including:

  • Family size and other children in the home
  • Location, home and community
  • Professional and educational background
  • Lifestyle, interests and hobbies
  • Religious, ethnic, or cultural background
  • And more

Because all of our waiting adoptive families reside in California, FCCA can quickly arrange pre-placement contact for you. If you are interested in meeting the adoptive parents prior to placement, most families can meet you in the hospital or in your hometown within a matter of hours. If you prefer to place the child far away or outside of California, we work with many agencies and attorneys across the US, and can easily help you match up with a family who lives in a location that you prefer.

When Can You Put a Child Up for Adoption with FCCA?

While many women contact FCCA during the final weeks or days of their pregnancy, others contact us weeks or months after their baby has been born, looking for adoption agencies that accept infants after birth. These mothers want to know, “Can you put your baby up for adoption after you’ve had him? Can you put a child up for adoption at any age?”

FCCA can provide all of the services you need to put a baby up for adoption after birth. You will have the same rights and choices as any expectant mother who contacts our agency. Here’s what you need to know about adoption after pregnancy:

  • You will be entitled to the same counseling and support services offered to all prospective birth mothers, so you will have the adoption information and emotional support you need during the last-minute adoption process.
  • All adoption services will still be offered at no cost to you, and you are still eligible to receive assistance with medical and living expenses, including housing, food, utilities and more.
  • If you would like to have pre-placement contact with the adoptive parents, you will have an opportunity to get to know them over the phone, in person at the hospital or even after returning home with your baby.
  • Adoption is not the end of your relationship with your baby; you can choose to remain in contact with your child and the adoptive family for years to come with an open or semi-open adoption agreement.

If you are ready to begin the last-minute adoption process, or if you want to know more about your options as a woman considering adoption, you may contact FCCA at any time for free, confidential, no-obligation adoption information.