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     Diane Niswander is the Branch Manager of FCCA’s Fresno office. She was the original Fresno office staff member from the launch of the branch in 1989, until the expansion into a full-service branch in 1998. 

     As a people person, Diane thoroughly enjoys getting to know adoptive families from the very start of the process, and to work with them right through to their adoption finalization. It’s especially rewarding for her to witness the positive changes in the children and their families that occur during the adoption journey. 

     When not at work, Diane can be found visiting some of her adult children in Las Vegas, or camping and riding the dunes with her husband at Oceano State Park. 

To email Diane for more information, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

FCCA Fresno Branch – Adoption Classes
2017 Classes

Information Session

Thursdays at 7pm OR

Saturdays at 2pm

Free; no registration required


Adoption Preparation
(Class 1 & Panel)

Class 1 - 7-9:30 pm

Panel held 7-8:30 pm

Pre-registration required


Adoption Preparation
(Class 2 & 3)

Two Saturdays

9am- 4 pm

Pre-registration required


Adoption Preparation
(Class 4)

Saturday 9am- 3pm

Pre-registration required


Thurs., January 19th January 27th & 31st    
Thurs., February 9th February 24th & 27th February 11th & 25th February 4th
Sat., March 11th March 24th & 28th    
Thurs., April 13th April 21st & 24th April 8th & 22nd  
Sat., May 13th May 19th & 23rd    
Thurs., June 8th June 23rd & 26th June 10th & 24th  
Sat., July 8th July 21st & 25th    
Thurs., August 10th August 25th & 28th August 12th & 26th  
Sat., September 9th Sept. 22nd & 26th    
Thurs., October 12th October 27th & 30th Oct., 28th & Nov., 4th  
Sat., November 4th November 17th & 28th    
Thurs., December 7th December 15th & 18th December 2nd & 16th  


No Current Events - Please Check Back.

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