How to Complete an Adoption in Modesto

Choosing adoption in Modesto could be the best choice for your life. This process can be beautiful, but it can also be challenging. You'll have the best experience along the way with the support of an adoption agency you can trust.

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How FCCA Can Serve as Your Adoption Agency in Modesto

We provide services for many different types of adoptions. Our professionals can answer whatever questions you may have about each process to help you find the best program for you.

In general, we have three adoption programs you might consider:

But we are not limited to the help we can offer you. We also assist with: 

We are licensed in every county in California and have five offices locations over the state; our main office is conveniently located in Modesto. When you’re ready for an in-person meeting with our adoption experts, you can call 209-524-8844 or visit our office at:

1120 Tully Road, Modesto, CA 95350

Below, you will find the primary adoption programs we offer prospective adoptive families seeking an adoption in Modesto:

Foster Care Adoption in Modesto

You can be the family a child is waiting for when you choose foster care adoption in Modesto. We are best known for our “fos-adopt” program, which places children who are in the foster care system for adoption with a permanent family.

Because our agency is licensed in every county of California, we can complete a foster care adoption in Modesto and across the state. Currently, there are more than 55,000 children in foster care in California. We partner with the California counties to match these children to adoptive families through our California Waiting Child Program.

From your first phone call through finalization, you’ll have all of the California adoption services families looking to foster to adopt in Modesto need to complete this program, including:

Our professionals will guide you through every step of the process when adopting in Modesto.

Additionally, adoptions through foster care are low legal-risk, which typically means the children available for adoption are older or in sibling groups, with some degree of disabilities.

We provide you with the specialized training developed by the Trust-Based Relational Intervention Program, which will teach you the skills needed to help these children heal and grow.

International Adoptions in Modesto

If you are interested in international adoption, we also offers international adoption agency services for direct placement of children from Hong Kong and for relative adoptions from Nigeria.

We have a direct placement program through our partnership with Mother’s Choice for children with disabilities in Hong Kong. Families adopting in Modesto that are interested in a Hong Kong adoption may work directly with us throughout the entire adoption process, including all of the services listed above, plus:

  • Child referrals
  • Dossier assistance
  • Travel arrangements assistance

To complete an international adoption in Modesto from another country, we can provide you with the required international adoption home study, and will also connect you with the right Hague-accredited adoption agency that has placement programs in your desired country.

Once the child has been placed into your care, we can assist you with completing any necessary legal process to obtain a new birth certificate for your child.

Some international adoption agencies in Modesto that serve adoptive families include:

Domestic Baby Adoption in Modesto

Another amazing family-building method is through domestic infant adoption in Modesto if you dream of adopting a newborn baby.

In a domestic infant adoption, a prospective birth parent creates an adoption plan for their baby — typically during pregnancy. They work with an agency to find an amazing adoptive family (like you).

Once a prospective birth parent chooses you, then you’ll have the chance to get to know each other through open adoption. This is an opportunity that is not as likely with other types of adoption in Modesto. Open adoption has proven benefits for everyone in the adoption triad:

  • You
  • The child
  • The prospective birth parent

From your home study to placement and beyond, we can provide the comfort and support you need to adopt a baby in Modesto through domestic infant adoption. Our adoption program provides unique benefits to hopeful parents, like:

  • A short wait time
  • Financial protection
  • Fully licensed support

Start Your Modesto Adoption Today

If you would like more information about completing an adoption in Modesto (and more specifically about FCCA’s adoption programs), please contact our local office at 209-524-8844. You should receive guidance on how to manage service costs and understand adoption timelines.

Our adoption professionals can answer any questions you have and share the most updated schedule for upcoming adoption information sessions and preparation classes.

When you decide to move forward with your adoption in Modesto, we can help you get started with one of our adoption programs and connect you with any additional professionals you need in order to complete your adoption.