How FCCA Can Help You Complete Your International Adoption Home Study

As with any adoption process, you must complete an international adoption home study if you wish to adopt a child from outside of the United States. In many ways, this investigation is the same as a domestic home study —with some important differences that set them apart.

If you wish to adopt abroad, your home study for international adoption must be completed from a properly certified professional. Using the wrong professional could result in your study being rejected by USCIS, thereby wasting your money and time.

Fortunately, FCCA is here to help. As a Hague-accredited and fully accredited adoption agency, FCCA can provide both domestic and international adoption home studies to prospective adoptive parents, even if they are using another referral agency to locate a child placement for them. In fact, providing home studies is one of our specialties. We are here to help as many hopeful parents as possible bring children in need of homes into their lives.

So, what should you know about the home study for international adoption, and how can you complete one with our agency? For details, please contact our staff today. In the meantime, below you’ll find some of the basics you need to know to get started.

The Basics of the International Adoption Home Study

Both domestic and international adoption home studies serve the same purpose — to ensure that hopeful parents are suitable to bring an adopted child into their home. Those who are considering international adoption must prepare for all the normal challenges of raising an adopted child, with additional training to understand unique cultural and practical aspects of raising a child from a different country.

FCCA will be there to support you every step of the way. It is our goal to help you complete your international home study, so all along the way, we will offer training, guidance and suggestions to create as positive a home environment as possible for your future child.

This process will include:

In addition, if you are adopting from a country that is party to the Hague Adoption Convention, you cannot just work with any home study provider in California for your international adoption home study; you must work with a properly accredited adoption service provider. If more than one agency is involved, they must have detailed written agreements outlining how the work will be divided between them.

These requirements can seem extensive, but remember that your agency will assist you with gathering all the materials you need, and with completing all the necessary requirements. This home study must be completed before you apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for approval to adopt and bring home a foreign child.

How is the International Home Study Different?

While there are many similarities between a domestic adoption home study and an international adoption home study, they cannot be used interchangeably for those considering a foreign adoption. If you wish to adopt from a different country, you must complete an international adoption home study that has been completed for that specific purpose by an accredited agency, or one that is formally supervised by an accredited agency.

Here are a few differences between an international home study and a domestic one:

Let FCCA Help with Your Home Study for International Adoption

We know that the differences between a domestic home study and an international adoption home study can be confusing. That is why our staff is experienced in both home study processes. Even if you are not sure which adoption process is right for you, they can answer your questions and provide the information you need to choose the right path.

When you are ready to complete your home study for international adoption, our staff can help you to complete every step of this process, such as listing all the documentation you must gather for your adoption dossier. This will include important pre-adoption education and directions for completion of necessary USCIS paperwork. When that is done, we will submit your paperwork for approval by the proper authorities. The international adoption home study cost in California with our agency is $2,200.

For more information about our international adoption home study in California and our international Hong Kong adoption program, please contact us for more information.

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