About the Foster Children for Adoption in California

The foster children available for adoption in California come from all different walks of life, with different personal backgrounds and characteristics. The one thing they all have in common: They are waiting for a loving family.

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When you’re considering starting the fos-adopt program with FCCA, one of your first questions might be, “Who are the California foster children available for adoption?”

The foster children available for adoption in California come from all different walks of life, with different personal backgrounds and characteristics. At FCCA, we believe almost every prospective fos-adopt family can be a good match for one or more waiting foster children, and we take pride in helping forge connections between those foster kids waiting for adoption and the families waiting to welcome them into their homes.

The best way to learn about the California foster children you might welcome into your home is by viewing the foster care photolisting for California. With this tool, you can actually see the faces of some of the foster children available for adoption. Many others are available but are placed so quickly that their photos are not posted to the public site. To see these children, you must have an approved adoption home study from an agency such as FCCA.

When you’re ready, you can contact our agency to start the fos-adopt process and bring one or more of these children permanently into your family.

The Specifics About Foster Children for Adoption in CA

Because each of the children in foster care waiting for adoption has a unique situation and background, it’s difficult to generalize what foster children are typically like. However, many of the children waiting in the foster system are:

  • Minority and mixed race children, ages 4 and up, especially boys
  • Single children of all races, age 8 and older
  • Sibling groups of two, three or more children of all ages
  • Children of all ages with special needs

It’s important to recognize that a child with “special needs” may not necessarily have physical or developmental disabilities. In foster care, the term is often used to describe children who are older or of minority background, which typically makes them less likely to be adopted. The most typical “special needs” are usually emotional or behavioral. Children with special medical needs are rarer but are available to adopt from foster care.

When you choose to adopt a child from foster care, you will be able to learn more about the characteristics of the foster kids waiting for adoption in California. Our agency provides specialized support and training before, during, and after your adoption placement to help you understand and meet the needs of the child you wish to bring into your home.

If you find a child you wish to adopt from the foster care adoption photo-listing, or from being matched by your social worker, our agency will provide you with the training necessary to prepare for an eventual placement. Thousands of families have happily and successfully welcomed foster kids waiting for adoption into their home, and our professionals can help you pursue this adoption process.

How Our Training Helps You Find the Right Child

Through our decades of experience, our agency has honed a process of training and preparation to make sure that no family feels forced to take in a child they do not feel equipped to parent. The discussion of which foster children available for adoption in California that you’re willing to parent doesn’t take place only at the beginning — it’s a continual conversation that your social worker will have with you throughout your fos-adopt process.

Our training and preparatory period for prospective adoptive parents has helped create a minimal disruption rate within our agency. The percentages of adoptions that have fallen through at our agency are few and far between:

  • Children who needed a higher level of care than what was communicated at first: .07 percent
  • Families who received a placement and decided they could not commit: .04 percent
  • The court deemed another placement more suitable (for example, when a kinship placement became available): .02 percent

Many families have successfully brought California foster children for adoption into their homes, and you may, too. Because more than 58,000 children are in the foster care system, with about half of them being available for adoption, we will dedicate our services to finding you the best adoptive placement based on your strengths and goals.

How We Help You Find an Adoption Opportunity

The choice of which foster kids available for adoption in California a prospective family desires is an ongoing discussion and conversation that starts with the information classes we offer to prospective adoptive parents. Our professionals will educate you about the different foster children available for adoption at your preliminary classes, and you will fill out your “child desired” form several times throughout the adoption process. As you receive more information about these children in foster care, it’s normal to change your mind about what sort of child will fit best into your home. Your social worker will work with you to make sure it is a good match between your family and the child you eventually choose to adopt.

Once your home study and interview process have been completed and you are approved, your social worker will speak at length with you about the specific children you are considering, their special needs and whether your family is prepared for this adoption placement. You will learn more about that child’s background and any resulting behavior challenges you may expect, as well as how to prepare for and cope with those challenges.

As mentioned above, our agency training is instrumental not only in helping families find the right foster children waiting for adoption for their situation but also in preparing them for a successful placement and adoption process. Our social workers have helped many families find the right child and are always there to provide support and counseling after placement. Families who work with our agency to adopt foster children in California are never on their own.

If you have further questions about the foster children for adoption in California and how you can start the fos-adopt process, please contact our offices located nearest to you.