Newborn Adoption Wait Times

As a hopeful adoptive parent, you’re ready and eager to start raising your baby. But, how long do you have to wait? That’s what we’re here to answer for you.

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You’re ready and excited to build your family, and you can’t wait to bring your baby home. Adoption wait times, though, are a part of any hopeful adoptive family’s journey. So, how do you make them as short as possible? That’s what we’re here to answer for you.

If you want to learn more about reducing your adoption wait time, then contact us online to get free adoption information now. Our team is here to guide you through each step of your adoption and ensure the shortest wait time possible.

How Long Does an Adoption Take in California?

When it comes to the average wait time for domestic infant adoption, keep in mind that wait times vary by family. With FCCA the average adoption wait time is around 9-12 months. This is specifically for newborn adoption, so wait times are different for foster care adoptions.

Our agency will do everything in our power to minimize your adoption wait time as much as we can. There are several ways you can reduce your waiting period, too. For instance, you can expand your preferences for adoption options with things like adopting a child of a different race than you had originally planned or being open to additional medical conditions in a birth parent’s history.

But, you don’t have to make a compromise in your adoption process. You can find adoption agencies with short wait times that still meet all your needs.

Here are some characteristics you can look for in an adoption agency that affect the average adoption wait time in the U.S. — as well as the red flags that tell you an agency is promising lower adoption wait times than they can actually provide.

Questions to Ask about Wait Times

How Many Adoptions Do They Complete Each Year?

If you find an agency that completes hundreds of adoptions a year, like FCCA, then take that as a good sign. It means they have an efficient team that doesn’t let hopeful families wait for years on end. This is one of the best traits of an agency.

With our agency, we are contacted by thousands of prospective birth mothers each year who want to provide loving families for their newborns. Because of our expansive network throughout the entire state of California, countless birth parents will be looking at your online family profile. You can be the family to help them thrive, and you can all build a meaningful bond as a part of your adoption journey.

How Many Families Are Waiting on Their List?

While you research the average wait time to adopt a newborn in California, ask agencies how many waiting families they currently have. Then, take the answer to this question and the first question to tell how long the waiting list for adoption really is.

If they have a lot of waiting families but very few adoptions, then that could be a potential red flag. It likely means their team can’t handle the number of intakes they receive, so hopeful adoptive parents are kept waiting for a long time.

For example: A professional that completes 100 adoptions each year but has 500 families on their list will realistically have an adoption wait time of 5 years. This same professional might tell you that you’ll adopt within 12 months. But, clearly, this is not accurate.

Because we are licensed in every county in the state of California, our wait times are verified by state authorities. This means that you can trust our wait time estimates.

You are already doing something so selfless by providing a child in need with the loving family they’ve always deserved. You should be certain that you are receiving honest, ethical support along the way.

What Is Their Marketing Outreach Like?

One of the most crucial aspects of a short adoption time frame in California is advertising. We aren’t talking about commercials for brands. Rather, this is the scope an adoption agency has to reach potential birth mothers. As you research agencies to work with, ask them what their marketing outreach is like.

Where do they advertise to birth parents? The number of birth parents you can reach will drastically affect your adoption wait time.

FCCA provides nationwide advertising and comprehensive newborn adoption services. This ensures that you’ll spend the minimum amount of time waiting for a match with a prospective birth mother.


How long does the adoption process take in California? With our agency, the average wait time is only 9-12 months. When you fill out our online contact form, you can get more free information now. Our team is ready to help you with this beautiful journey whenever you need it.