Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost? [5 FAQs]

You’ll never have to worry about paying a single cent for the adoption process. All your pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses will be covered through something known as adoption financial assistance.

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Many prospective birth mothers worry about the cost to put a baby up for adoption. You might have financial reasons for choosing adoption in the first place, so it’s normal to have some concerns about how much the adoption process will cost.

But, we’re here to tell you that adoption is 100% free for you. Still, you likely have plenty of questions about this. Our guide of five FAQs and answers will explain everything that you need to know about it. Contact us online at any time to get more adoption information now.

1. Does It Cost to Put a Baby up for Adoption in California?

No, adoption is completely free for birth mothers. Because of adoption financial assistance, all your pregnancy- and adoption-related fees will be covered. In other words, you will never have to pay a cent for any services you receive during your adoption process.

Adoption is a beautiful yet challenging experience. Through our adoption financial assistance, we assure you that you’ll never have to worry about the costs of adoption. To learn more about our free services and financial assistance, fill out our online contact form today.

2. Why Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost Nothing?

You are already making the heroic, selfless decision to put your baby up for adoption. When you’re doing something this brave, you shouldn’t have to throw financial stressors into the mix, too. This allows you to focus on having a healthy, safe pregnancy, not covering the mountain of medical fees.

3. Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost Money without an Agency?

If you are pursuing adoption without an agency, otherwise known as an independent adoption, then the process will still be free for you. But, you would be responsible for finding adoption services without the guidance of a professional. You would need to make sure that you are abiding by all the complex legal requirements of adoption in California, too.

For example, FCCA, an affiliate of American Adoptions, offers free, comprehensive services, including 24/7 counseling and legal representation. We provide you with the resources you deserve, completely free of charge. Contact us online today to learn more about them.

4. Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost Anything for the Adoptive Family?

Yes, the hopeful adoptive family will help cover several of your adoption services and pregnancy costs. On top of this, they will also contribute money to your living expenses. This includes paying for items like maternity clothing, transportation to and from your medical appointments, groceries and more.

5. How Much Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost for the Birth Father?

Just as adoption is free for you, adoption is also free for the biological father. If the baby’s father is actively involved in your life, whether he’s your romantic partner or legal spouse, then he also doesn’t need to worry about paying for the adoption process.

But, there are some instances in which the birth father is uninvolved, unsupportive or unknown. In the latter case, he would need to register through California’s putative father registry to retain his parental rights. Your adoption professional can contact him, too, if you feel unsafe doing so on your own. If he fails to register or cannot be located, then you can still move forward with your adoption decision.


Whenever you’re ready to start your adoption journey, we are here to be your guide. We can complete each step of your adoption from start to finish, and we’ll answer any questions that you have about the process. To get more adoption information now, contact us online. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!