Your 3 Unplanned Pregnancy Options in California

You have three options for unplanned pregnancy in California: adoption, abortion and parenting. How do you know which one is right for you? That’s what we’re here to help you figure out.

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You’ve discovered your unplanned pregnancy, and you’re likely stressed out. But, there are options available to you. When it comes to unplanned pregnancy options in California, there are three to choose from: adoption, abortion and parenting.

How do you know which of these paths is right for you? That’s what we are here to help you answer. If you want to get more free information about your options for unplanned pregnancy in California, then contact us online at any time.

Adoption Options for Unplanned Pregnancy in California

No matter how far into your pregnancy you are, adoption is always an option for you. Even if you are in the hospital delivery room, it is not too late to choose adoption for your baby. In fact, as a prospective birth mother, there are many benefits of placing your baby for adoption.

For instance, you can expect the following when you work with our agency for your adoption journey:

  • Free, 24/7 counseling: We know that adoption is complex, and so is unplanned pregnancy in general. To help you process complex emotions like doubt, grief and loss, our agency offers counseling services completely free of charge at any time of the day. Your adoption professional should always be a phone call away, whether it’s 1 p.m. or 1 a.m. We’re here to provide unwanted pregnancy help in California whenever you need us.
  • Adoption financial assistance: Because you’re the prospective birth mother, adoption is always 100% free for you. You’ll receive adoption financial assistance, which covers all your adoption- and pregnancy-related costs. When you’re choosing something this selfless and brave, the last thing you should have to worry about is money. This way, you can focus on having a safe, healthy pregnancy.
  • The chance to stay in touch with your child: Most adoptions today contain at least some degree of openness. This means that you can get to know the adoptive family and forge a lifelong bond with them directly. Your child will grow up knowing who you are, as you’ll be able to keep in touch with them for years to come. Through open adoption, placement doesn’t have to be “goodbye.” Instead, it can be “see you later.”

Your adoption professional will do all the heavy lifting while you call all the shots. We’ll help you create an adoption plan, find the right family for your baby and more. Although there are many benefits of adoption for you, this is ultimately your choice.  That includes deciding between your adoption options in California, too.

Only you can truly know what’s best for you and your situation, so don’t let anyone else try to sway you in one direction or another as you weigh your options if pregnant in California.

If you want to speak with an adoption professional today, then fill out our online contact form to get started at any time.

Abortion Options for Unwanted Pregnancy in California

Abortion is among your three options for unplanned pregnancy in California. In some states, this may not be the case, especially with the reversal of Roe v. Wade in 2022. But, California is one of the most accepting states when it comes to abortion as a choice. Still, make sure that you research the local laws on abortion before you move forward. A helpful resource for this is the Guttmacher Institute.

Abortion’s availability will also depend on what county of California you live in. The general restriction for this state, though, is that an abortion may be performed at or after viability only if your life or health is endangered.

Parenting Options for Unwanted Pregnancy in California

Because you’re searching for unwanted pregnancy help in California, you likely don’t want to become a parent right now. Whether you’re not ready to parent just yet, or you don’t plan on having children at all, that is totally valid. But, if you’re thinking about parenthood, then be sure to consider the logistics.

There’s no doubt that raising a child is expensive, costing upward of $300,000 in total. Aside from being a major financial investment, parenting is also a significant time commitment. Maybe you have long-term goals that you’ve been working toward lately, whether that’s focusing on your career or earning a high school or college degree. If that’s the case, then you may have to put those aspirations on hold to focus on your new baby.


Do you have any more questions about your unplanned pregnancy options in California? We’re here to answer them for you. To get more free information now about your three options, fill out our online contact form at any time. We’d be more than happy to help you out today.