Who selects the family to adopt my baby?

You are in control of your adoption plan — and that includes choosing the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. FCCA is always working with a wide variety of individuals and couples looking to adopt, and also works with many other agencies and attorneys across the country. You can rest knowing that we can help you connect with the perfect family for your baby!

Finding adoptive parents may seem overwhelming at first, but FCCA can provide all of the services you need to find the right family for your baby. Here are the basic steps to find a family with FCCA:

1. View Adoption Profiles

If you want to select the family, we will provide you with a variety of adoption profiles to review and consider. These adoptive parent profiles include a variety of written information and photos that will help you get to know each family, their home and lifestyles.

As you review waiting families’ profiles, you should look for parents whose life goals and parenting styles match your own. You are not just looking for couples who want to adopt a baby — you are looking for the perfect family to provide the type of life you want your child to have.

2. Select the Perfect Adoptive Parents

When reviewing family profiles for adoption, you may find a family that you would like to learn more about. You can choose a family based on any of the following:

When you find adoptive parents you might like to consider, your social worker will provide additional information and prepare you for the next step of the process: pre-placement contact.

3. Get to Know the Adoptive Family

If you would like to meet one or more families in person, or talk to them on the phone prior to making a decision, we encourage you to do so and can coordinate this contact for you.

Many expecting mothers find it a little intimidating to consider meeting the adoptive family in person. However, once the meeting happens, those feelings subside, and you will most likely feel relieved and comforted to know who will be raising your child. That is an important tool for helping you through the grieving process after you have signed the final papers. You will be able to reassure yourself that the baby is getting excellent care from the very people you hand-selected as parents.

It is up to you to decide what type of adoption relationship you would like to have with the family during and after the adoption process. You may choose to keep in touch with phone calls and visits throughout your pregnancy. Following the adoption, you can remain an important part of your child’s life through an open or semi-open adoption arrangement, which may include picture and letter exchanges, phone calls, emails, and even in-person visits. 

What if I already know people who want to adopt my baby?

Many expectant mothers and adoptive parents contact FCCA after already finding one another through other means, such as their own networking efforts or another professional’s matching services. This is called “identified adoption.”

Even if you do not need help looking for adoptive parents, FCCA can provide the services you need to complete the adoption process. You can work with an FCCA social worker to get the financial assistance, emotional support and legal assistance you need to complete your adoption.

In addition, FCCA can usually provide the home study services the adoptive family will need before they can adopt your baby. For more information about identified adoption and the services FCCA offers to complete these adoptions, please call our toll free birth parent line at 844-77-ADOPT.

What if I don’t want to choose the adoptive family?

There are times when an expecting mother simply does not want to be involved in the selection process. This is your choice. In these cases, FCCA will select a family for you.

Even if you don’t want to select or meet the family, you may still want to provide us with some selection guidelines. For instance, maybe it is important to you that the child will be raised in a two-parent family, with one parent staying at home. You may prefer a family who shares your religious beliefs, or one who lives far away from you. Whatever guidelines you provide, FCCA will honor your choices in the selection of the adoptive family.

To learn more about families looking to adopt and the matching services offered by FCCA, please contact us. Your call is confidential and does not obligate you to proceed with an adoption plan.