Adoption Disruption Insurance in California

Through our adoption disruption insurance in California, you will never have to worry about losing thousands of dollars. This allows you to focus on your emotional healing, not recovering lost finances.

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No one wants an adoption disruption to happen, and no one expects it to happen. But, it is always possible, and that’s why being prepared for one can be beneficial in the long run. Adoption disruption insurance in California can ensure that your finances are protected in case the prospective birth mother changes their mind.

At FCCA, an affiliate of American Adoptions, our adoption disruption insurance ensures that you won’t lose a cent in the event of a disrupted adoption in California. To learn more about our program, contact us online to get more free information now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

What Is Adoption Disruption Insurance in California?

Adoption disruption insurance in California protects your financial investment when the prospective birth mother chooses to keep the child. With some agencies, that money rolls over into the next available adoption opportunity with them. At others, you receive 100% back of your money whether you choose to continue the process or not.

At our agency, we don’t use a rollover policy. Instead, we give you back every single penny. We know that an adoption disruption in California can be difficult. You’re grieving an emotional loss. You shouldn’t have to deal with a financial loss on top of that. Whether you want to take a break from the process or discontinue it entirely, you won’t have to worry about losing thousands of dollars like you would at some agencies.

To learn more about our Risk-Sharing program, fill out our online contact form today.

How to Minimize the Risk of an Adoption Disruption in California

In addition to our unmatched adoption disruption insurance, there are other measures we take to minimize the risk of a disrupted adoption in California. Reading adoption disruption stories shows how challenging such a situation can be. But, through resilience and hope, many families find a placement eventually. Our adoption disruption insurance program allows you to keep that hope.

Still, you can place your faith in some of our other methods, too. For instance, if you are interested in pursuing foster care adoption, our focus on “low-risk” adoptions means there is a much lower likelihood of an adoption disruption in California.

When it comes to the foster care adoption process, the ultimate goal is to reunite the child with their biological family. But, our placements are “low-risk” in the sense that reunification is unlikely. In our “fos-adopt” program, most of our children are:

  • 4 or older
  • Part of a marginalized ethnic group
  • Part of a sibling group
  • Have one or more disabilities
  • Have experienced trauma, such as abuse or neglect

On top of this, our comprehensive forms of support for prospective birth mothers decrease the likelihood of a disrupted adoption in California, as well. For example, here are several ways that we offer our guidance to potential birth parents:

  • Free, 24/7 counseling to help them process grief, loss or doubt
  • Financial assistance so they don’t have to worry about making ends meet
  • Legal services to make the paperwork seamless and straightforward

By giving both you and the prospective birth mother the support you deserve, an adoption disruption in California is that much more unlikely. Still, it is always a good idea to prepare just in case an adoption disruption happens.

That’s why our adoption disruption insurance is unparalleled. If you decide to stop the adoption process, then we don’t keep the money. We give you back every penny. Whenever you’re ready to pick your adoption journey back up, we would love to help you begin anew.

Get Started on Your Adoption Journey Today

If you have any questions about our adoption disruption insurance in California, then we are here to give you answers. We’ll walk you through your entire adoption journey from the beginning to the end, and, in case you experience a disruption, you can rest assured you won’t lose the thousands of dollars you have poured into the process. This allows you to focus on your emotional healing. To start your adoption journey today, fill out our online contact form whenever you feel ready. We’d love to be there for you every step of the way.