How You Can Complete an Adoption in Bakersfield

If you are thinking about a Bakersfield adoption, no matter the path, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 30 years of experience, adoption agency FCCA can provide the information, guidance and support you need to add a new addition to your family.

FCCA is a certified adoption agency throughout the state of California, and we are happy to help prospective parents interested in an adoption in Bakersfield and the surrounding area. While we do not have a local office in Bakersfield, we have two local offices nearby, where our adoption counselors stand ready to answer your questions and begin your adoption process.

You can call our San Luis Obispo office at 805-542-9084, or visit them at:

1540 Marsh Street #130, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

You can also contact our adoption counselors in Fresno by calling 559-325-9388 or visiting:

7257 N. Maple #101, Fresno, CA 93720

Both of these locations offer free monthly informational classes to help you learn more about your Bakersfield adoption options before moving forward. This is just one of the ways that we strive to help prospective adoptive families like yours.

How FCCA Can Serve as Your Adoption Agency in Bakersfield

FCCA can help you complete three of the most popular kinds of child adoption in Bakersfield: foster care adoption, private domestic infant adoption and international adoption. Our professionals can also assist with formalizing an existing parent-child relationship through a stepparent, relative, adult, or guardianship adoption).

So, why do adoptive families choose FCCA for their adoption in Bakersfield?

In addition to our years of experience and trustworthy staff, FCCA can provide guidance through most (if not all) of the steps of your child adoption process. Our staff can provide education and support services to prospective adoptive families trying to decide between their adoption options, pre-placement and home study services to those starting their adoption process, and adoption finalization services to those completing their Bakersfield adoption. In many cases, we can also help you find an adoption opportunity and guide you through every other step along the way.

Below, you’ll find some more information about the services our agency provides in each type of Bakersfield adoption. For more details, please contact our agency.

Foster-to-Adopt in Bakersfield

At FCCA, we pride ourselves on helping children most in need of supportive, welcoming homes find their forever families. That’s why we work so hard to help families who are interested in a low-risk foster care adoption in Bakersfield. If you choose this family-building process with our agency, we will provide every service you need for this journey.

Every prospective adoptive parent will receive education, counseling and training developed by the Trust-Based Relational Intervention Program to prepare them for the rewards and challenges of this process. Then, our staff will help you complete your pre-placement requirements, connect you with an appropriate adoption opportunity, and help you finalize your adoption after at least six months have passed. When you work with our agency, you will not need to hire any other Bakersfield adoption professionals.

Private Domestic Infant Adoption in Bakersfield, CA

Other people looking to complete an adoption in Bakersfield wish to adopt a baby through private domestic infant adoption. FCCA can help you through this journey, too. Our adoption counselors can help you complete your pre-placement requirements and, when you receive a placement, finalize your adoption in court.

While our agency does receive inquiries from prospective birth mothers, we recommend families taking this Bakersfield adoption route also work with a separate matching agency at the same time. These matching professionals often have a larger opportunity for outreach and marketing, which means they will typically match you with an expectant mother faster than you would be matched solely through our program.

We are happy to provide references to local adoption agencies in Bakersfield, CA, and across the state to help you adopt a baby. Here are a few to consider:

International Adoption in Bakersfield, CA

What if you wish to adopt a child in Bakersfield who currently lives in another country?

FCCA offers two international adoption programs: a direct placement program of children with special needs from Hong Kong, and a program to assist those adopting relatives from Nigeria. If you choose our international adoption programs, our agency can guide you through every step — including all necessary training and your international adoption home study, adoption opportunity identification and legalization of the adoption within the United States.

If you wish to adopt from a country other than Nigeria or Hong Kong, FCCA can still provide your home study and post-placement services, but you will want to work with a Hague-accredited adoption agency to locate an adoption match and referral. Here are some international adoption agencies in Bakersfield, CA, and across the U.S. that families commonly work with:

Remember, FCCA can always help you complete your international adoption home study and then finalize the adoption upon your return to the United States with your new child.

Additional Adoption Services in Bakersfield

Are you looking to complete a stepparent, relative, adult or guardian adoption in Bakersfield? FCCA can help with those processes, too. Our lawyers can complete all of the legal steps required to legalize your existing parent-child relationship. Contact one of our offices today to learn more about these processes and their associated fees.

Start Your Bakersfield Adoption Today

Whether you know what kind of adoption in Bakersfield you wish to pursue, or you are interested in learning more about your options, we encourage you to contact our adoption offices, or attend one of our free information sessions. We understand that adoption is a big decision to make, and we will provide all of the education and support you need to choose the right path for your family. At FCCA, we have been honored to build thousands of families over the years, and we can help you build yours, too.

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