24-Hour Adoption Hotline for Counseling and Support

Unplanned pregnancy and adoption can be emotionally challenging experiences, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by a complex mix of uncertainty, fear, and confusion. FCCA can help.

When you make an adoption plan with FCCA, your social worker will always be available to provide the adoption counseling you need through our 24/7 adoption hotline.

What Exactly is Adoption Counseling?

Adoption counseling is a broad term used to describe the education, guidance and support we offer to all women who contact us, regardless of where they are in their process. This includes women who are unsure whether adoption is right for them, as well as the women who are in the middle of their adoption plans.

So, if you are in your decision making process and decide to contact FCCA, all of your options — not just adoption — are fully explained and explored. No birth parent is ever pressured to make an adoption plan, or to select a particular family for the child.

While you may not feel like you need adoption counseling, there are many reasons to consider taking advantage of this free service. With adoption counseling, you can: 

All of these services — and more — are always available to you over the phone or in person at an FCCA office near you.

It is up to you to decide how much adoption counseling you need; some women touch base with their FCCA social worker through each step of the process, while others reach out only when they have a question or are facing a tough decision. Some women want the extra assurance of talking to an independent lawyer who will explain the legal rights and responsibilities of placing a child for adoption. Whatever your thoughts and feelings may be, our goal is to fully support you as you explore your options, so we can ensure that you are confident and happy with whatever decision you make.

FCCA will provide or arrange for all non-medical services related to your adoption at no cost to you. If talking to an independent lawyer or licensed mental health counselor will help you during this time, those costs will be covered by FCCA or the adoptive parents as part of the adoption plan.

If you are searching for adoption counseling in California, complete a confidential inquiry or call us any time at 844-77-ADOPT to learn more about our support services. Your call is confidential and does not obligate you to proceed with an adoption plan.