Open Adoption in California

Open adoption in California is much more popular than it was a few decades ago. Research has shown that open adoption benefits everyone involved, especially the child, more than any other type of adoption. This allows adoptive parents, birth mothers and children to all stay in touch for years to come.

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Open adoption in California is growing in popularity because:

  • All members of the adoption triad can feel comfortable
  • Children can have their questions answered
  • Birth parents can stay in touch long after the adoption process

While open adoption in California is not possible in many foster care adoptions, it is the norm in domestic infant adoptions.

Still, there is a lot to know about open adoption. You can always contact our offices to get more adoption information now. Meanwhile, we’ve outlined both the basics and the finer details of open adoption in California below.

What Is Open Adoption in California?

An open adoption definition is when the adoptive parents and birth mother exchange identifying and contact information and stay in touch after placement, or agree to stay in touch with the help of an intermediary, like an adoption agency. It will vary based on everyone’s preferences, but it can include:

FCCA encourages open adoption in California, and we can provide pre- and post-placement support throughout the entire process. Contact us online to get started today.

You may have also heard of semi-open” adoption. This is a type of open adoption in California in which your adoption professional will mediate contact between you and the prospective birth mother.

Semi-open adoption falls somewhere in the middle of open adoption, with direct access and in-person contact, and a closed adoption, which doesn’t include contact or communication at all. But, remember that open adoption in California will look different depending on which FCCA adoption process you pursue.

Different Types of Adoption — And Different Levels of Openness

Private Domestic Infant Adoption

Open adoption is most common in private infant adoption. When a prospective birth mother chooses open adoption in California, the promise of future contact with their child is a major motivating factor.

Occasionally, prospective birth mothers want a completely closed adoption, and some want a completely open one. Others fall somewhere in between. It’s important that you are matched with a prospective birth mother that has the same preferences as you.

FCCA can help you find an adoption opportunity. Our adoption professionals will help you reach an open adoption agreement and mediate contact between you and your child’s birth mother if desired. To get started today, contact us online at any time.

Why is open adoption in California so common in private infant adoptions today? Open adoption allows you to receive important medical history and answers to your child’s questions as they grow up and develop an identity. Open adoption in California provides many benefits for those who complete an infant adoption, which is why the vast majority of adoptions today have some degree of openness.

Foster Care Adoption

Open adoption in California is less common in foster care adoption, but it may still be possible in some situations. Children in the foster system have likely experienced trauma, and some of that trauma may be related to memories of their birth parents. As a result, the court may forbid contact with their birth parents as a matter of safety and well-being.

When you adopt a child from foster care, it’s likely that you will not build a relationship with your child’s birth parents. But, every adoption situation is different, and some foster children will benefit from continuing relationships with some healthy and safe birth family members, such as:

  • Grandparents
  • Aunts or uncles
  • Siblings

Your adoption professional will inform you of these situations as you’re finding a child to adopt. They will also explain what you may expect from this kind of open adoption in California.

International Adoption

Open adoption in California is rare in international adoptions. Most of these children live in an orphanage or have one or more disabilities. Often, there is little known background information or history.

It’s this lack of information that makes open adoption in California almost impossible in international adoption. In most cases, you will receive very little medical history or other background information about the child’s life up to that point.

Also, children adopted from other countries often don’t know their birth parents’ identities. This can cause certain challenges for an adoptee as the child develops an identity. So, hopeful adoptive parents should be sensitive to these issues.

Your international child-placing agency can tell you more about the post-placement contact that might be available. If you are interested in adopting through our Hong Kong program, then our FCCA professionals can describe our direct placement program in more detail. To learn more, fill out our online contact form at any time.

Is Open Adoption in California Right for You?

Open adoption in California can seem intimidating at first, but know that thousands of families have successfully completed open adoption in California and throughout the U.S. for decades. With proper preparation, understanding and coordination, you can have as stress-free and smooth of an experience as possible.

To learn more about open adoption in California and get more free information now, we encourage you to speak to our adoption professionals. As part of FCCA’s education process, we will connect you with other adoptive families who have experienced the type of adoption you are considering. We would love to help you out whenever you need us.