How You Can Complete an Adoption in Ventura

Are you considering an adoption in Ventura? If so, you might have heard that adoption requires multiple professionals, like a social worker, a home study provider and an adoption attorney. When you work with FCCA, however, you’ll get all of those professionals in one.

With almost 35 years of experience and a local adoption office in Ventura, FCCA can help prospective adoptive parents like you achieve your family-building dreams. Our professionals will answer whatever questions you have and guide you through every step of the process, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: welcoming a new addition to your family.

If you ever have questions about completing an adoption in Ventura and how our agency can help, call FCCA’s Ventura office at 805-477-7400, or visit us in person at:

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How FCCA Can Serve as Your Adoption Agency in Ventura

If you’re considering adopting a child in Ventura, you should know that FCCA offers three primary adoption programs to make that happen: “fos-adopt” (adoptions from foster care), private infant adoptions, and our international adoption program.

Whichever of these adoption processes you choose, and whether you work with FCCA as your Ventura adoption agency or not, you will need to complete a home study investigation before you can adopt a child in California. Because we are licensed in every county of the state, we can help you complete your home study investigation. To get started on that process, certain pre-adoption education classes are required by state law; view a schedule of them here.

To help you decide which program might be right for your family, here is a more detailed description of our primary programs:


Foster Care Adoptions

At FCCA, we love to place foster children into permanent, supportive families for adoption. Our professionals can complete every aspect of your “fos-adopt” process, including training, matching, home studies and post-placement requirements. With FCCA’s program for foster care adoption in Ventura, you will not need to hire an additional adoption professional to complete your adoption process. The children placed through this program are usually older, or in sibling groups (or both), and have some emotional needs as a result of the difficult family circumstances that caused them to enter foster care. FCCA provides the specialized training developed by the Trust-Based Relational Intervention Program to give you with the skills needed to help these children blossom and heal.


Infant Adoption in Ventura

FCCA can help you adopt an infant through an independent adoption or an agency adoption process. Due to the large number of families hoping to adopt infants, we encourage you to simultaneously work with a matching service to more quickly find an adoption opportunity with extensive advertising and outreach to locate prospective birth mothers. We do caution families about working with unlicensed, online-only entities that charge expensive upfront fees that are non-refundable. A reputable matching service is usually licensed as an adoption agency in at least one state or run by an experienced adoption attorney, such as the following:

Once you are matched with a prospective birth mother, FCCA will help you complete the legal steps needed for your adoption. While not always needed, FCCA can also connect you with an experienced adoption attorney to assist with any complex legal needs that exceed the services we offer.


International Adoption in Ventura

FCCA can help you with your international adoption plans. We have a direct placement program for special needs children in Hong Kong, as well as a relative adoption program for Nigeria. To adopt from another country, FCCA will provide your adoption home study and will connect you with a Hague-accredited adoption agency that has a placement program in your desired country. These professionals will educate you about their different international adoption programs, help you find an adoption opportunity and coordinate the travel of your child into the United States. Some state-wide international adoption agencies to consider include:

Once you return to the United States, FCCA can assist you with completing the post-placement supervision, as well as the paperwork and court process to have your adoption legally recognized in the U.S.

Additional Adoption Services in Ventura

Some prospective adoptive parents already have an existing parent-child relationship with the child they wish to adopt. FCCA assists families with relative adoptions, step-parent adoptions, adult adoptions, and adoptions by legal guardians. If your case requires additional assistance, such as an experienced adoption attorney, we can provide you with referrals and work collaboratively to implement your adoption plan.


Start Your Ventura Adoption Today

It is so important that you receive the education and information you need to make the best adoption plan for your family. When you contact our adoption professionals at 805-477-7400, we can answer your questions about our Ventura adoption programs and assist you with choosing the process that best fits your personal adoption goals. Adoption in Ventura is a beautiful way to build a family, and we will be honored to help you build yours.

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