How FCCA Can Help You Complete Your Independent Adoption

When a family chooses domestic infant adoption in California, they have two choices: agency or independent adoption.

In an independent adoption, the placing parent makes a personal selection of the adoptive family and transfers legal and physical custody directly to the adoptive parents, with no agency involved. “Personal selection” means that the placing parent must receiver certain identifying information about the adoptive parents, including their full legal names, ages, and more.

While independent adoption is often considered “adoption without an agency,” adoptive families still need several important professional services throughout the process. FCCA provides Adoption Service Provider, home study, ICPC, post-placement and finalization services for independent adoptions in California.

If you are looking for an Adoption Service Provider to help you complete your adoption, read on to learn more about our independent adoption process and services.

Independent Adoption with FCCA

Most independent adoptions are managed by an adoption attorney in cooperation with an Adoption Service Provider (ASP). An ASP is a private social worker or a licensed adoption agency (such as FCCA) that is responsible for providing certain services throughout the independent adoption process.

When serving as an ASP, FCCA can provide only the following services:


​IF FCCA has not served as the ASP, then the agency can provide the following services to the adoptive family:


Considerations for Families Pursuing Independent Adoption

Independent adoption is a form of private infant adoption, and it shares several similarities with private infant adoption through an agency. However, the process does differ in several key ways. Before deciding whether to pursue agency or independent infant adoption, consider the following:

Many factors must be considered when deciding between agency and independent adoption in California, so choose what is best for your family’s individual circumstances and needs.

To learn more about FCCA’s agency and independent adoption services, please contact us to schedule a free consultation, or attend one of our free, monthly adoption information sessions. 

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