Shining Bright Family Camp

The Shining Bright Family Camp is a resource designed to help families whose lives have been touched by trauma to provide hope of healing through connection and empowerment. Our attachment-based trauma-informed camp is based on principles from TBRI™, Nurtured Heart Approach™, The Whole-Brain Child, and Hand in Hand Parenting. 

Parents and their child between the ages of five to eleven will attend camp together and parents will attend additional training. The hope is that each family will experience healing, learning, and fun that is guaranteed to bring your family closer together!

We would love to talk with you about specifics and answer all of your questions. Please reach out to our camp co-director, Jenessa Bell at (209)524-8844 ext 2220 for more information.

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This camp came at the perfect time for us. We were feeling so discouraged and camp completely changed that! The techniques we learned and the support we received are invaluable. I not only learned so much about my child but also so much about myself. I cannot recommend it more!

Crystal M., camp parent

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you will gain something from it.

Samantha J., camp volunteer

I learned how to ask for what I need. I learned how to ask for help.

Maverick M. (8), camper