How We Can Help You Complete an Adoption in California

Adoption can be a complicated process, and California is a large state. This can make the prospect of completing an adoption in California seem overwhelming for some people.

That’s why our professionals at FCCA are here to help you, whatever adoption process you choose to pursue. With approximately 35 years of experience, and licensed to provide services in every county of California, we can provide the adoption expertise you need to successfully reach your adoption goals. We have helped thousands of families complete their parenthood dreams through our adoption programs, and we would love to do the same for you.

Because our six offices are located throughout California, you can access our local adoption services and experienced professionals at your convenience. Each office hosts information sessions and adoption classes for those interested in our programs, and local professionals can answer any additional questions you have about our other adoption services, including international adoption, domestic infant adoption, foster care adoptionstepparent adoption, relative adoption, and guardian adoption. You can find a list of our local offices and class schedules here.

While we offer a variety of adoption services, FCCA also recognizes particular families may have needs outside of our scope of services. In these cases, we are happy to provide references to trusted local adoption professionals who can help you achieve your adoption preferences and goals.

To learn more about adoption in California, you can contact your local FCCA office or view our city-specific resource pages for more information:

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