How You Can Complete an Adoption in Los Angeles

If you’re considering an adoption in Los Angeles, we know you have a great number of professionals to choose from. But, no matter which kind of adoption process you are interested in, our adoption agency can help.

At FCCA, we offer adoption services for private domestic, foster care and international adoptions. This means our experienced adoption workers can guide you through every step of your family-building process — and even help you decide which Los Angeles adoption process is right for you.

To help you get started, our agency has an office conveniently located in Ventura. For more information, you can call our adoption counselors there at 805-477-7400 or set up an in-person visit at:

4882 McGrath, Suite 240, Ventura, CA 93003

We are licensed to complete adoptions throughout the state of California, and we will be happy to serve as your local adoption agency in Los Angeles whenever you are ready. We have helped many families complete their adoptions in Los Angeles, and we can do the same for you.

How FCCA Can Serve as Your Adoption Agency in Los Angeles

If you are thinking about a Los Angeles child adoption, you have three paths available to you. Fortunately, FCCA offers services to guide local hopeful parents through all three. Whether you are set on foster care adoption, private domestic infant adoption or international adoption, or you need help deciding, our workers can provide the information and resources you need to get started.

But those aren’t the only services FCCA offers. Like the best adoption agencies in Los Angeles, CA, FCCA offers guidance through every step of the journey. Our adoption staff can help you complete your adoption home study no matter where you live, as our program is licensed in every California county. Our in-house legal staff will also help you complete your entire legal adoption process, limiting the extra professionals you’ll need to hire in this journey.

Want to learn more about our Los Angeles adoption agency and our programs? We’ve provided some descriptions of them below:

Foster-to-Adopt in Los Angeles

While FCCA offers all kinds of adoption services, our agency focuses on the rewarding process of low-risk foster-to-adopt. In this program, adoptive parents welcome children from the California foster care system into their home. After post-placement requirements are met, the adoption is finalized, and the child is officially a new member of that family.

If you wish to foster-to-adopt in Los Angeles, FCCA is the agency for you. We can help you through every step, from meeting pre-placement requirements, to finding an adoption opportunity, to finalizing your foster care adoption. We also offer pre-placement education to help you prepare for this new addition to your household.

For more information, we encourage you to contact our Ventura office or attend one of our free information sessions.

Infant Adoption Services in Los Angeles

FCCA also offers services for private infant adoption in Los Angeles. However, because there are so many families who wish to adopt infants, we also recommend that hopeful parents work simultaneously with a matching service to find an adoption opportunity. Many of these adoption agencies in Los Angeles and nationwide can provide more adoption opportunities through greater advertising and outreach.

Hopeful parents should always look for a reputable matching service in California, often licensed as an adoption agency or run by an adoption attorney. Here are a few to consider:

Once you have found an adoption opportunity, our in-house legal staff can help you complete the legal process of adoption ahead of you, such as terminating parental rights and finalizing your Los Angeles adoption.

International Adoptions in Los Angeles

Thinking about adopting a child from another country? FCCA offers a unique partnership with a Hong Kong adoption agency for direct placement of children with special needs. As part of this program, our social workers will provide your international adoption home study and, when you return to the United States, they will help you to complete post-placement requirements and finalize the adoption.

If you wish to adopt from another country, you can still use FCCA for your home study and legal services. However, you will want to find a Hague-accredited international adoption agency with a program in whichever country you are interested in. Here are a few consider:

FCCA also offers services to people of Nigerian heritage who wishing to adopt a minor relative from Nigeria. Contact our agency for more information on that process.

Additional Adoption Services in Los Angeles

FCCA doesn’t just provide the adoption services listed above. If you have an existing relationship with a child you wish to adopt, our in-house legal and social work staff can help you complete that process. For example, if you are considering an adult, stepparent or relative adoption in Los Angeles, or an adoption by a legal guardian, FCCA can help you complete that process. Please contact our agency for more information about how we can guide you through these adoption journeys.

Start Your Los Angeles Adoption Today

Whatever kind of adoption in Los Angeles you choose, it’s crucial that you receive the information and resources you need. Our adoption counselors at FCCA stand ready to provide that education and support you through the rest of your Los Angeles adoption, whenever you are ready. To learn more or to get started today, please contact our local office at 805-477-7400.

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